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The Septagon Briefing #3: Career Paths

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Aug. 21st, 2008 | 02:12 pm


Written By: Preston Park Cooper
Found in my local library system:

–Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Manga, Comics, And Animation (Cool Careers Without College series) (Library Binding)

Just from the title, I was provoked to think about the whole issue. “Is the point of this,” I wondered, “to get kids excited about this stuff before they even graduate from high school, so they can kind of get a head start?” A quick look through the start suggested to me that the answer to that question was “No,” which bothered me, because a “no” response made me feel too much like they were suggesting “Hey, 18-year-olds! Not planning on going to college? Have a look at what Comics, Manga, and Animation have to offer!”

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